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Tuning Violet Tangles

Katrine Bobek, Bianca Phos
October 7-November 27, 2021

Tuning Violet Tangles

I remember playing cats cradle in the park with you
The Eskimo figure of the sun rising between mountains (Coll. Jeunesse, ca. 1915)

Crispy leaves
Frogs jumping

Nomadic wandering of thoughts
Along an infinite distance, directed inwards in proximity
(Eine Nähe gleich einer unendlichen Ferne)

Looking down
Down to earth
Watching reptiles in the mud
playing fighting

Not somewhere else, but here, in this
No man’s land

It’s becoming darker
Standing in a rice field full of fireflies

Getting dizzy from the traffic lights
Turning around blindfolded in white glimmer

Smoke and space
Time and again


Against all odds
Bend your knees

Reaching out
Up and down
From plateau to plateau
Tuning together

How did we
Cut apart

Photography: Sophie Pölzl